Marketing Consulting


✔️Employ a market-driven approach, aligning digital assets with target requirements

✔️WordPress and other proven platforms are to used maximize flexibility and responsiveness

✔️Trained in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools

✔️Complete digital marketing consultant expertise, from strategy development through implementation and tracking.For details please

A Marketing consulting proposal is an important step in clarifying customer project needs
As we all know that all marketing consulting project is unique, the exact steps, activities and outputs of any project will vary depending on the client. The following are steps that mostly use to help you experience an uphill growth in your business.
1. Confirm Strategic Situation

Project kickoff is used to initiate the project, and obtain important inputs in assessing the market

2. Conduct Strategic Visioning

Strategic visioning is used to identity alternative end states as a placeholder for upstream marketing development

3. Prepare Customer Framework

Customer framework development fully describes the customer, including purchase process and unmet needs

4. Develop & Optimize Concepts

Concept optimization uses customer feedback and focused ideation to develop and refine core marketing concepts

5. Prepare Strategy and Plan

Strategy and plan development involves developing a detailed action plan for delivering on the customer promise

6. Implement the Plan

Guided implementation involves Afzet Agency Ltd working with the client in executing on the product and brand action plans.